West Shore Apartments, LLC - Sublease Agreement

107 Worth Street, Ithaca, New York 14850 ~ Office (607) 273-7368 WestShoreApartments@gmail.com

Parties to this agreement are the Landlord, the Original Tenant and the Sub-Tenant. Upon signing this Document, the Landlord consents to the sublease.

Original Tenant: Sub-Tenant:

(Original Tenant Print Here) (Sub-Tenant Print Here)

Address of Property:

Sub-Lease Term (Dates): From To

The Original Tenant agrees that they are and will remain, liable for the performance of all the terms of the Lease, including rent payments to the Landlord. (Please complete all sections and fill in blanks.)

  1. Rent Payment Terms:

    Sub-Tenant agrees to make monthly rental payments to the [Original Tenant or Landlord]

    in accordance with the terms of the Lease for the above mentioned Sub-Lease term.

    Sub-Tenant agrees to pay monthly rent for the above mentioned Sub-Lease Term:

    $: per month

    Original Tenant agrees to pay:

    (If Sub-Tenant payment is less than the Original Tenant’s total monthly rent indicated in the Lease contract; Original Tenant is subsidizing part of rent payment.)

    + $ per month

    Total Rent Due To Landlord:

    = $ per month

    Place a check mark by each item according to terms of the Lease, or Sub-Agreement between Original Tenant and Sub-Tenant.

    Paid By:





    Gas (heat)

    Gas (hot water/cooking gas)

    Trash Tags



  2. Security Deposit:

    The Sub-Tenant agrees to pay a security deposit to Original Tenant in the amount of $

    Sub-Tenant acknowledges that the Security Deposit placed with the Landlord by Original Tenant shall remain payable to the Original Tenant in accordance with the Lease, except when reimbursed in full.

  3. Damages:

    The Sub-Tenant hereby agrees to pay the Original Tenant for all damages that take place during the sub-letting and for all rent during the term of the sub-letting. Landlord will work with Original Tenant to repair damages and determine the cost for repairs.

    However, no such dispute between the Original Tenant and Sub-Tenant shall affect the rights of the Landlord to collect rent and damages in full from all parties.

  4. Last Month’s Rent:

    The Sub-Tenant agrees to pay a (pre-paid) last month’s rent to Original Tenant in the amount of $ (will be $0, unless Sub-Tenant is staying in apartment for the last month of Lease period and reimbursing Original Tenant for pre-paid Last Month’s Rent.)

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  5. Original Lease Terms Apply:

    All of the terms of the original Lease, a copy of which is attached hereto, shall remain in full force and effect and shall be applicable in full to both the Tenant and Sub-Tenant. If either Original Tenant or Sub-Tenant needs a copy of the Lease, please request it in writing.

    Original Tenant to provide 1) Lease, 2) Statement of Condition, and all 3) Keys to Sub-Tenant. If Sub-Tenant checks in on behalf of Original Tenant, Statement of Condition and Keys must be turned over to Original Tenant at the end of sub-lease term.


    Initials of Original Tenant and Sub-Tenant

  6. On-Line Rent Payment Option:

    Sub-tenant would like West Shore Apartments to set up an online account to accommodate online rent payments; instructions to be provided. imageYES image NO

  7. Sub-Lease Fee:

There is a $50 processing fee for any assignment or sub-lease. $50 fee to be paid by [Original Tenant or Sub-Tenant]

Original Tenant Name Signature of Original Tenant

Printed Name of Sub-Tenant Signature of Sub-Tenant Date:

Sub-Tenant Cell# Sub-Tenant Email

Parent or Emergency Contact Person Name Parent Phone #

Parent Email Parent Address


Signature of other Tenant Date:

Signature of other Tenant Date:

Signature of other Tenant Date:

Signature of other Tenant Date:

Signature of other Tenant Date:

Signature of other Tenant Date:

Signature of Landlord Date: